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The history of gangsta rap reveals a network of careers marked by drama, violence and rumors about hanging Vanilla Ice out of a window, as well as hard work and keen ears for public taste. But one key figure rarely gets her due in this story: Michel’le Toussant, who first appeared on the scene as Dr. Dre’s girlfriend, singing hooks for The World Class Wreckin’ Cru. Her self-titled debut, produced by Dre and featuring contributions from several N.W.A. members, was a substantial crossover hit in 1990, easing gangsta rap’s breakthrough into the mainstream by lending Ruthless Records unprecedented business cred. Michel’le’s potent blend of hip-hop and R&B production was unique for the time, but it laid groundwork for Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, and a host of today’s hottest R&B talents. Toussant has released only one album and a handful of singles since her separation from Dre in the mid-’90s, but recent concert videos indicate that she’s still in full possession of her uncannily flexible voice, which she can drop on a dime from a childlike squeal to a deep growl.


Sat, Mar 23 | 6:00 PM
Jazz and Jokes Lounge
$25.00 - $200.00
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Beverly Hills CA  |  R&B/Soul

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