The Willies w/The Martian Denny Orchestra & The RA-6600

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Although it seems like the outside world is just now discovering that Nashville is a rock town, old-timers like us have had the pleasure of groovin’ to the Music City’s underground and indie rock scene for many years. Plus we had the benefit of seeing how these local vets have continued to reinvent themselves and explore new musical avenues. The Willies feature Nashville first-generation punk-scene vet Dave Willie (CPS, Jet Black Factory, 9 Parts Devil) and his wife Jen Jones (The Camaros) dealing out literate, engaging songs with influences that include jazz vocals, country, rockabilly and more. The RA-6600 deliver a different menu item with their take on classic AM radio pop smashed up with post-punk attitude. Mark Medley (CPS, Raging Fire, Mercy Sanction, Tabasko Kat) and Daniel Olivas (The Boomgates) have the local pedigrees to make a perfect night of great homegrown rock.

—Randy Fox

Sat, Feb 2 | 9:00 PM
The Family Wash
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The Willies

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