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Meet the Seavers Album Release

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If David Lynch has another film in him, he needs to, as the band name suggests, Meet the Seavers. First off, the husband-and-wife duo — Jace K. Seavers on upright bass and vocals, Dorothy Gilmore-Seavers on vocals — looks like a pair of stricking figures straight out of a lounge scene in Wild at Heart. Second, their music is a heady mix of jazz, vaudeville and circus-sideshow music that would provide the perfect Lynch soundtrack. Furthermore, the name of the brand-new Meet the Seavers album would be the perfect title for a Lynch film: You Don’t Want to Tango With the Inquisition. The carnival midway freakout “Strange Menageries” would work great over the opening credits; the sassy, Theremin-infused “Intelligent Design” would be perfect for the seduction scene; the extremely blue “Curse of the Cool” would provide the perfect bittersweet tone for the denouement. Seriously, Davi … er, Mr. Lynch, check out You’ll thank me. An executive producer credit will suffice. Eight O’ Five Jive and Mindy McQ open.

—Jack Silverman

Sat, Apr 27 | 8:00 PM (7:00 Door)
12th & Porter
18 and over
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Meet The Seavers

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