HellShovel w/Acid Baby Jesus & Cheap Time

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Athens, Ga., may be known for its psych and punk bands, but if Acid Baby Jesus has anything to do with it, Athens, Greece, will soon be a musical household name — at least in houses where melting eyeballs are a normal topic of conversation. The band’s touring the U.S. with Montreal’s Hellshovel, with whom they collaborated on last fall’s Voyager 8 EP, 20 minutes of Technicolor modal melodies and pulsating drone clouds that bring to mind the best and weirdest of your Nuggets collection. They’ll share the stage with local heroes Cheap Time, whose full-frontal assault tempers Sparks’ operatic glam with a healthy dose of snarling, rapid-fire vintage American punk. On the heels of last May’s Wallpaper Music LP, Cheap Time frontman Jeffrey Novak has treated time like a precious metal, firing off a new solo LP, Baron in the Trees, which dropped Feb. 19 on In the Red.


Mon, Mar 4 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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Montreal Quebec Canada  |  Rock

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