Auroric Dreams w/DJ James Cathcart

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From work email on your smartphone to fresh, hot cookies delivered to your door, there’s no getting around it: Modern living is fast. We’re actually pretty into that cookie thing, but it’s still good to take it slow sometimes, a sentiment near to the hearts of Auroric Dreams’ Bryan Burnette and Tony Gerber. The pair combine acoustic guitars and wind instruments with synth sounds that evolve at a glacial pace, creating ambient compositions that may not have a dizzying array of swirls and spirals, but are kaleidoscopic nonetheless. “Hail Sagan” is a Vangelis dream straight from Hearts of Space, and “Filtered Flame” approaches the experimental Bowie/Eno soundscapes on the back half of Low. Warming up the crowd will be DJ James Cathcart, a regular at the Fox whose deep crates lead us to believe him when he says he’ll spin “a special set of forward-thinking sounds, ranging from spacy minimal synth to freaked-out earthy commune jams.”


Wed, Mar 13 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Auroric Dreams

Nashville TN  | 

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