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The Official SXSW Sendoff Party feat. The Protomen, Wild Cub, Alanna Royale, Magnolia Sons, Patrick Sweany, Luella and the Sun, The Howling Brothers, Jacob Jones, Los Colognes, The JAG an more

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Well, damn — our secret’s out! From prime-time to The New York Times, media mavens the world over agree that Nashville’s fertile creative community is worth crowing about, and we couldn’t argue with them if we wanted to. Each of the 10 bands on this special two-stage bill has at least one official showcase booked during the iconic SXSW festival. While they don’t show the entire picture, these artists do represent a significant slice of the strength and diversity in our music scene, which may play a significant role in our longevity as an “it” city. To pick just three, The Protomen’s exuberant theatrical rock, Wild Cub’s dancer-approved electro-pop and Alanna Royale’s mama-don’t-take-no-mess soul are all exercises in passionate and authentic expression, supported by blood, sweat, and a devoted fan base. Hats off to the No Country for New Nashville crew and the Mercy Lounge/High Watt staff for sending them off to Austin in style, with help from Lightning 100’s “Lt. Dan” Buckley — and for snagging some free beer for the audience! The show is free; ages 21 and up.


Sat, Mar 2 | 7:00 PM
The Mercy Lounge
21 and over
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The Protomen

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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