Gummy Soul Presents

Petty w/DJ Rate & Amerigo Gazaway

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

We’ve been waiting a hot minute to get this off our chest: Petty’s new mixtape is sick like polio. We’ve been hip to Petty’s vibe for a while — Petty Presley was in our Top 10 local hip-hop releases last year, and 2011’s Roll Up & Write (My ’90s) was bumpin’ in our car until it disintegrated. So when Gummy Soul producer Wally Clark let it slip that they were collaborating on beats by The Stuyvesants — the same instrumentalists that supplied the soul-butter for Gummy Soul’s debut — we were buggin’ out. And Short But Sweet warrants it — Petty has always been a skilled MC and engaging writer, but with all these sweat-drenched grooves, he reaches new levels of verbal dexterity that feel as vibrant as they do classic.


Thu, Feb 21 | 9:00 PM
The High Watt
18 and over
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