Ponychase w/Scale Model & Nudity

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If you’re a fan of female-fronted, ’80s-inflected synth-pop with perfect melodies and a punk edge, you’re in luck: This Saturday’s show at The Stone Fox offers three bands for the price of one. Ponychase, a four-piece fronted by local vocalist and songwriter Jordan Caress, has earned raves for welding feather-light, ethereal melodies to heavy electronic beats and mesmerizing walls of sound. On Scale Model’s New Wave-inspired tracks, Megan Rox’s lovely, clear voice floats atop propulsive live drumming, keytar melodies and spacey synth sounds. (One song title, “Airstream in Space,” suggests their aesthetic.) Nudity creates layers of dissonant noise with guitar, Wurlitzer electric piano and jagged synths, but the foundation of each song is a serious dance beat; this formula is on display in ultra-catchy songs like their recent single “Lite U Up.” Expect a crowded dance floor.


Sat, Mar 9 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Nashville TN  |  Alternative, Rock

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