Cheap Time w/Fast Girls

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In both their recorded output and their live shows, Cheap Time give their name the lie: With drummer Ryan Sweeney and a rotating cast of low-note-makers pushing him on, frontman Jeffrey Novak treats the fourth dimension like it’s going out of style. If Memphis during the Aughts was a special place — think Xavier Academy, but with the late garage-revival icon Jay Reatard schooling the young mutants in how to harness their special powers — then Novak may be his Wolverine, slashing and snarling through a high-octane catalog of songs. That energy spilled over into Novak’s solo effort, Baron in the Trees, recorded by Reatard in 2009 but just now seeing a release. Cheap Time had to drop out of their slot with Acid Baby Jesus earlier this month, so we’re glad for this chance to catch their marriage of Sparks’ streetwise fried glam and The Damned’s rowdy punch. Openers Fast Girls are a bit of a mystery, with no recorded output to share — but we’ve decided we’re OK with their promise to chuck everything hedonistic about the past five decades of rock ’n’ roll into a blender before pouring it directly into our ears.

—Stephen Trageser

Fri, Mar 29 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Cheap Time

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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