Sinkane w/El El & Helado Negro

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

You’d better get both halves of your brain ready for a head trip, courtesy of tonight’s bill. When not touring with Yeasayer or Caribou, Sinkane’s Ahmed Gallab experiments with mixing krautrock, space rock and good old-fashioned Detroit garage, but his latest album, Mars, plays up the funk and Afrobeat in his musical heritage. Gallab emigrated to the U.S. from Sudan at a young age, and he works with a full band to bring his mesmerizing future-grooves to life. Joining him is Roberto Lange, aka Helado Negro, whose profuse and diverse output includes performance art and audiovisual gallery installations. From an Ecuadorean family, Lange is as likely to make a music box out of an air conditioner or float a speaker on a cloud of balloons as make an album, but when he distills his sonic perspective, it bubbles with sounds generated electronically and arranged organically, with strong booty-moving potential.


Tue, Mar 19 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Brooklyn NY  |  Alternative

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