Gwar w/Wilson & Warbeast

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Simply stated, Gwar puts on the greatest show mankind has ever known. Yes, there may be some “fine art” that less badass critics might rank as more important, but let’s be honest: None of your “fine art” shoots gallons of blood, pus and jiz all over its audience. Crass? Yes. Crude? For sure. Incredible? No fucking doubt. These foam-rubber encased veterans have been shattering the barriers of taste and decorum for almost 30 years, upping the ante with each outing and album, creating some of America’s most uncompromising music. And while some may be quick to condemn these space-alien shredders as one-trick ponies, those are also the same people that buy Mumford & Sons albums, and you shouldn’t listen to them because they are idiots. Never, ever trust anyone who wears a fedora and doesn’t see the genius in dismembering celebrities at every show.


Mon, Apr 22 | 7:00 PM
Marathon Music Works
Presale ($20) & Day of show ($23)
18 and over
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Richmond VA  |  Rock

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