Tera Melos w/TTNG

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This may come as a shock to you, but we like weird music. It’s kind of our wheelhouse. So it should not be taken lightly when we say that X’d Out, the new album from the Sacramento, Calif., trio Tera Melos, is one of the weirdest discs to cross our transom this year.  It’s an avant-tangle of jazz chops, punk spirit and prog nerdiness — and that’s not even the weird part. The weird part is just how goddamn catchy it is — at the heart of each spazzy song-blast there’s a catchy tune that’s primed to burrow deep into your brain and never let go. They’re joined by TTNG, previously known as This Town Needs Guns — which, oddly enough, is not the new project from Curry Todd and Glen Casada. 


Mon, May 13 | 7:00 PM
$10.00 - $12.00
18 and over
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Tera Melos

Sacramento CA  |  Alternative

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