Turf War w/JP5 & Western Medication

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If you wanted to lump Atlanta’s Turf War in with fellow Southern-tinged slacker punks like The Black Lips and Deer Tick, you certainly could. They make a similarly high-powered sort of catchy, sweat-soaked rock ’n’ roll, they’ve worked with Black Lips’ Ian St. Pe, and they’ve opened for Diamond Rugs — that’s the largely Nashville-based side project of St. Pe and Deer Tick’s John McCauley. But perhaps more than any of the aforementioned acts, Turf War makes the kind of unapologetically aggressive and urgent pop music that was the stock-in-trade of alt-rock forebears The Replacements. And like The ’Mats, Turf War is known for putting on a full-bore, beer-fueled live show. Throughout April, Turf War’s four-song EP The Great Escape is being released for free one track at a time by Converse. As in Converse the shoe company, so respect the synergy. Tonight, like-minded local rockers JP5 and Western Medication appear in support.


Wed, Apr 10 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Turf War

Atlanta GA  |  Alternative

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