Merchandise w/Milk Music, Destruction Unit & Cannomen

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Have you ever heard a song for the first time, and before it’s even finished decide that it’s your new favorite song, and the band is your new favorite band? That’s pretty much what happened when we heard Destruction Unit. The brainchild of one-time Reatard Ryan Rousseau, DU takes psychedelic punk to its noisiest, most unrelenting extremes — our friend described it as “Hawkwind with mountains of cocaine” — to create a swirling mind-fuck of a sound that recalls The Wipers and Kyuss splitting a sheet of blotter and heading to the desert to sacrifice a virgin to the gods of Flange.  Destruction Unit — possibly the last good band name left in America — is joined by Tampa post-punkers Merchandise and Olympia, Wash., hippie-punks Milk Music.


Wed, Jun 5 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Tampa FL  |  Alternative

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