Future Night feat. Hanzelle, T-Rust & more

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After guiding East Nashville into a grim slice of early-’90s Pacific Northwest freakiness with their massively popular Twin Peaks-themed art show, Boheme Collectif is taking a long hard look into the distant future for a party that combines experimental installation art, bloopy robot music and, let’s say, flying cars. Future Night is a showcase dedicated to experimental art (of both the visual and aural varieties) and music. While it’s hard to say whether their interpretation of the future is more Neuromancer or Mad Max, crowds can expect circuit-bending, excursions in the fourth dimension and something that is terrifyingly called a “hallucination box.” In addition to the art, the night features performances by ’Boro synth-heads Hanzelle, chiptune artist Fake Brad and un-Google-able local artist T-Rust – among others.

—Lance Conzett

Fri, Mar 1 | 9:00 PM
Boheme Collectif
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Nashville TN  |  Alternative

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