Hello Walls w/Anchor Thieves, Pageant & Tim Chad and Sherry

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Hello Walls may be new kids in town, but they’re already finding good company for themselves and their refined, contemporary brand of country-tinged chillout. Anchor Thieves raise the question “Better than Better Than Ezra?” as Cayce Keller works out his stellar tenor voice, weaving clever melodies into the band’s ’90s-vintage tapestry. Pageant isn’t alone in indie-folk-rock territory, but superb harmonies from brother-sister team Derek and Erika Porter help them stand out in a field where blending colors quickly produces a whole lot of gray. Tim Chad and Sherry are busy cats, so we can forgive them for not laying many new jams on us since 2010’s Baby We Can Work It Out. But we’re psyched to find our favorite unabashed merchants of vintage groove headed for the U.K., ahead of a re-release of Baby (with a couple of newer cuts subbed in) titled simply Tim Chad and Sherry, with a BBC6 broadcast and more news expected soon.


Fri, Mar 15 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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Hello Walls

Nashville TN  |  Americana

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