Stereotonin w/DiscoFace, Dynamek Duo, Conflicting Patterns & Moonhead

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

If you really want to impress us right out of the gate with your hip-hop shit, we suggest you slather on some classic Gamble & Huff strings. Nothing says, “We’re serious about this hustle,” like layers of cut-and-splice string sections — it’s the ultimate cradle for dopeness, and a foundation for funk that is very underutilized in the post-trap era. (Yes, trap is over. You think this is 2012? Catch up, kid.) Local duo DiscoFace understands this, and they also understand the need for a well-placed flute solo. On their debut album, Boogie Nights, they’ve grafted the melodic, post-backpack vibes of J Dilla’s posthumously released experiments to Jurassic 5-style party jams to create serious Saturday night grooves. So strap on your roller skates, whip out your talent, and get ready to get down.


Sat, Mar 16 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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Nashville TN  |  Dance

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