Bright Little Field w/Tommy Womack & Lisa Oliver Gray

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At first glance, the idea of a Replacements tribute album recorded by two middle-aged musicians playing only ukuleles and singing in close harmony might sound like the ultimate punk rock sacrilege. But when you think about it, the only way one could ever hope to do justice to the ’Mats’ legacy is to go for a mixture of the ridiculous and the sublime. After all, The Replacements spent their entire career balanced on a razor’s edge between utter foolishness and transcendental beauty, and that’s why Bright Little Field’s strumming party, Treatment Bound, is one of the most engaging and endearing tribute albums ever. Don’t miss a chance to see Nashville ’80s rock veterans Jonathan Bright and Tom Littlefield wielding their tiny axes in service to “punk rock for the senior set,” along with sets from the always excellent Tommy Womack and Lisa Oliver-Gray.

—Randy Fox

Thu, Mar 28 | 8:30 PM
The Family Wash
All ages
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Bright Little Field

Nashville TN  |  Singer-Songwriter

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