Diemonds w/Stallion & Thelma and the Sleaze

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Much to our spell-checker’s — and editor’s — chagrin, we’ve got a serious soft spot for a cleverly and intentionally misspelled band name. Is it a petty way of determining what bands we want to listen to? Maybe. But is it any less valid than whatever criteria normal people use? Our instincts say no — our fiend for misspell has never once led us to a John Mayer or Perry Como record. Anyway, we like the way Toronto scuzz-glam outfit Diemonds spells their name — it’s a little bit fancy and a little bit violent and misanthropic, just like us! Diemonds mine that late-’80s vein of of dressed-to-kill hard rock — think Crüe ’N Roses fronted by Lita Ford — to maximum, delirious effect. Joined by the last local bands you’d ever want to leave in a room full of virgins and a dropper full of acid: the roots-scum rockers Stallion, and malignant psych-fuzz pros Thelma and the Sleaze. Expect a lot more than your average Monday, but don’t expect everything to be spelled correctly.


Mon, Mar 11 | 7:00 PM
Please contact venue for exact showtime.
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Toronto Ontario Canada  |  Rock

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