Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Group

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Every year, Lake Superior University publishes a list of words to be banished from the lexicon due to overuse, and we were genuinely surprised to find that “eclectic” has never been among them. It’s too often used to describe things that don’t draw on a broad range of influences, but might be more appropriately called  “unique,” “idiosyncratic,” or sometimes, “bad.” One artist to whom the oft-abused adjective can be applied legitimately is Lyle Lovett. He may have signed his contract with one of the biggest country music labels, MCA/Curb, but he’s continued to defy definition with every new release, from his 1986 debut to 2012’s contract-fulfillment album Release Me. Lovett is a kind of Zen master, showing the interconnectedness of all music through the ease with which he navigates between contrasting styles. His 1996 album The Road to Ensenada, which won the Grammy for Country Album of the Year, showcases a masterful blend of pop, jazz and R&B that still has strong honky-tonk roots. His Large Band is perfectly capable of big-band swing, but is equally adept at introspective ballads and gospel music, and is likely to inspire dancing in the aisles. 


Mon, May 13 | 7:30 PM
Schermerhorn Symphony Center
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Lyle Lovett

Klein TX  |  Country

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