Peach Kelli Pop w/Fox Fun & Dirty Dreams

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Phrases like  “painfully cute,” “twee” and “teeth-rottingly adorable” tend to pop up in appraisals of Peach Kelli Pop’s music, but they’re usually intended as compliments. The group, led by White Wires drummer Allie Hanlon, excels at combining syrupy power-pop melodies, lo-fi recording and punk rock twitchiness to evoke a certain laid-back, summertime, driving-to-the-hamburger-shack-in-a-convertible vibe. Hanlon’s tunes are insta-classics — hear them once, and it feels as if you’ve known them forever. And while the band’s formula is simple to the point of minimalism, they have a knack for mining just enough variations on it to keep things interesting. Experience the sugar shock in person tonight.

—Emily Bartlett Hines

Sun, Mar 24 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
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Peach Kelli Pop

Ottawa Ontario Canada  |  Rock & Roll

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