Warm Soda w/ Ben Spinks Supermelt, Study Hall

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

The video for Warm Soda’s new single “Busy Lizzy,” shot on a borrowed VHS camera, features a librarian-chic bombshell in knee socks and glasses who turns heads and inadvertently creates chaos as she struts through town. It’s a good indication of the band’s aesthetic: at once retro, gritty and wittily concise. The Oakland quartet is a new project for Matthew Melton, a talented songwriter who composed a wealth of power-pop gems in the recently defunct Bare Wires. Soda LP Someone for You is a collection of tense, urgent, glam-inflected power pop. It’s noisy garage rock, but it’s never sloppy — instead, it contains a certain Strokesian slickness. Fans of Cheap Time, Cheap Trick, T. Rex and The Kinks won’t want to miss them.

—Emily Bartlett Hines

Sat, Mar 23 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
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Warm Soda

Oakland CA  | 

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