Bill Callahan w/Flat Foot

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Back when he was known as Smog, singer-songwriter Bill Callahan specialized in minimalist rock ’n’ roll — he seemed both baffled and stimulated by the demands of a world that never holds still long enough to be fully enjoyed. That bafflement came across in brilliant fashion in Callahan’s 1999 “Cold Blooded Old Times,” which may be his best-known song. Over the years, Callahan has performed the trick of refining his art down to its essentials, and his 2011 full-length, Apocalypse, is one of his best records. “America!” features a quasi-blues lick that contrasts with a rock rhythm pattern: “Captain Kristofferson, Buck Sergeant Newbury, Leatherneck Jones, Sergeant Cash / What an Army, what an Air Force, what a Marine,” he sings. Apocalypse benefits from the way Callahan switches between straight time and syncopation — he may be indulging in cheap irony, but it doesn’t sound that way to me.

—Edd Hurt

Wed, May 1 | 8:00 PM
Presale ($12.00) & Day of show ($15.00)
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Bill Callahan

Austin TX  |  Alternative

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