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It's a place where live music flows out from the doors to the street, the bars are called honky tonks and where they do something called a "hollar and a swallar."  This is Nashville, and there's a reason they call it Music City. It's not just because the big-name county music acts are here but because of the many little bands no one has ever heard of – yet – that play on Broadway and down 2nd Avenue.

The venues are these so-called honky tonks, lined up next to one another like music notes on a scoresheet. The sounds that pour out onto the street are the places' calling cards. Country at one place, bluegrass at another, country/rock at still another.

The Nashville honky tonks are just flat-out fun bars.

If you like live music, then you can get your fill on Broadway.

The dress, as is the attitude, is casual and Southern hospitality is as prevalent as the Southern accents. Only the larger places charge covers (and those are only $5-6). The bands play for tips, though, and they are rather forthcoming about that fact, so be prepared to put a couple dollars in their tip jar (more if a specific song is requested).



And that just might be worth a "hollar and a swallar."


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Thu, Mar 14 | 12:00 PM
Honky Tonk Clubs of Lower Broadway
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