The Time Jumpers

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Essentially the Avengers of Western swing, the Time Jumpers remain the safest bet in town for anyone who wants to hear (or take an out-of-towner to hear) live country music played at Viennese-concert-hall levels of virtuosity. Every player is some world-class master of his/her instrument, and it’s been a pleasure over the years watching 2010 inductee Vince Gill duel these daredevils to a draw with his own formidable guitar-slinging. If you want to see why everybody from Elvis Costello to Patty Loveless has sat in on their regular Monday-night gigs, or why they’re a must-see for superstars passing through town, pick a Monday and go — you can take the band out of The Station Inn, but you can’t take the sawdust-honky-tonk exuberance out of the band.


Mon, Jun 3 | 9:00 PM (7:00 Door)
3rd & Lindsley
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The Time Jumpers

Nashville TN  |  Country

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