BORO FONDO Music and Arts Bicycle Tour Fest

Boro Fondo is an all day bicycle fondo around Murfreesboro Tennessee; the geographical center of that lopsided state that borders nine others, the home of Dolly Parton-- Tennessee.

Stops will feature local music, art, poetry, plays, and performance art.

This is a festival dedicated to our unique and impressive local arts community. 

This is a festival dedicated to the supportive spirit that Murfreesboro provides. 

This is a festival dedicated to celebrating our beautiful differences, and being rad to each other.

You've got to be kind.

The musicians in this community shred in such various and interesting ways, let's take this day to appreciate them all as we sample the local palette. 


Sat, Apr 20 | 3:00 PM
The Boro Bar and Grill
21 and over
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