Eliot Lipp

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We’ve interviewed a lot of electronic artists in our day, and frankly, it can be like trying to interview a particularly uncommunicative log. Make that a log with a hangover and a mouthful of Krazy Glue probably too stoned to form sentences anyway. Eliot Lipp? Not one of those artists, which isn’t surprising if you’ve heard his whip-smart soundscapes and razor-sharp beats. And while we didn’t get him on the mic this time around, you can be assured the show he brings to Seen is going to have your head spinning with funky futurism and state-of-the-art song structures. Need proof that the Brooklyn-based Pretty Lights associate is ahead of the curve? Check out “City Dwellers,” his new collaboration with our very own Wick-it the Instigator.


Thu, Apr 4 | 9:00 PM
SEEN Nashville
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Eliot Lipp

Brooklyn NY  |  Electronic

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