Jacuzzi Boys w/D. Watusi, Cy Barkley & the Way Outsiders

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It’s been two years since the Sunshine State’s Jacuzzi Boys released their sophomore full-length, Glazin’, and we still aren’t sure what the hell they mean by “glazin’ for you” — but we aren’t too worried. Chalk it up to the combination of sun-kissed surf and glam that informs their particular brand of garage rock, or the righteous partying engendered by their previous appearances at Glenn Danzig’s House, Exit/In and Third Man, but we’re happy to just bob our heads and shout along. On the road in support of a new 7-inch, Double & Vision, they’ll share the stage with D. Watusi, who’s rocking on, in spite of bassman Ben Todd’s untimely passing, with their special spin on all things garage-y from Black Monk Time to “96 Tears.” The Watoos’ debut, Dark Party, was a long-awaited treat, as was last year’s So Bad, the first full-length from Cy Barkley and The Way Outsiders, whose energetic garage-punk will round out the bill. Just make sure not to stand too close to the stage if a little slam-dancing is not on your agenda. 


Sun, Jun 9 | 9:00 PM
The End
$6 - $7
All ages
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Jacuzzi Boys

Miami FL  |  Dance

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