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Myrryrs, A.C. Slater, Flinch, Coach, Treekeeper & Revenant

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Let us not mince words: When Myrryrs, the DJ/producer formerly known as Justin Kase, left town to set up shop in the deserts of Arizona, Nashville’s electronic dance lost an immense talent. And let’s be honest — we shed a little tear when that all went down. The upside: There’s this thing called the Internet, and he’s been pumping it full of badass tuneage ever since he blew this pop stand. Myrryrs’ 2012 Body High EP — the track “State of Mind” in particular — may have been our favorite electronic release of the year. Myrryrs has a flair for buttery low-end tones and enveloping atmospherics that create jams as challenging as they are smooth, and we’re more than stoked to have him back in the 615 — even if it’s just for a night.


Fri, Apr 19 | 9:00 PM
SEEN Nashville
18 and over
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AC Slater

Brooklyn NY  |  Electronic

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