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Yes, we're talking about that JoJo, the mid-Aughts tween-pop starlet (or, R&Tween starlet, if you want to get technical) best known for “Too Little Too Late.” And although we spent the mid-Aughts listening to pretty much anything but R&Tween songs — college-drone was more our thing — that's really neither here nor there, because JoJo circa 2013 is entirely different. Her newest mixtape Agape shows she's the rare example of a teen star who's transitioning into a well-adjusted and artistically minded adult. JoJo's electronic-dusted pop is sexy and sultry without descending into the garish oversexed persona many of her post-teen peers are pimping these days. She's a classy lady, not a car crash, which may explain why we aren't hearing more about her in the press — TMZ has trouble understanding that level of maturity. 


Fri, May 24 | 9:00 PM
SEEN Nashville
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