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It has been roughly a year since Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios and Sony established a partnership centered solely on video game scores. This precedent-setting relationship — in spite of tiffs with the musicians union — has already produced hours of utilized material and helped cultivate an awareness of video games as a legitimate art form. Fortunately, we are not the only community experiencing the music of video games in a new way, and the team behind Video Games Live has been a major catalyst for the cause. Conductor Emmanuel Fratianni and soloist Laura Intravia pull scores varying from Tetris and Duck Hunt to Zelda and Halo out of the console and into an interactive multimedia experience. While Video Games Live is not a direct product of the local recording industry’s newfound revenue stream, its timing generates a pleasant full-circle relevance. Likewise, hosting the program at the Schemerhorn brings celebratory attention to the increasing significance of game scores for a city with interests vested both artistically and economically. 


Tue, Jun 4 | 7:00 PM
Schermerhorn Symphony Center
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