Mercy Lounge presents

Dead Confederate & Roadkill Ghost Choir

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

In the grand pantheon of Southern rock’s sordid and byzantine history, there aren’t a lot of groups that kick more ass than Athens, Ga., outfit Dead Confederate. Owing more to the weirdo traditions of their hometown than to burnt-out blues licks and rebel flag-draped nostalgia, Dead Confederate is heavier and more psyched-out than your typical Southern band, but also manages to capture the classic off-kilter pop hooks that put Athens on the map. On their latest album In the Marrow, DC turns in a psych-grunge alterna-rock touchstone that’s outside of both space and time — it’s basically the soundtrack to all your summer bong rips. And speaking of summer, DC frontman T. Hardy Morris drops his locally recorded solo debut at the end of July on Dangerbird Records. It’s everything you love about DC and its opposite — stripped back and subtle, but still stony as hell. 


Sat, Jun 1 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The High Watt
18 and over
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Dead Confederate

Athens GA  |  Alternative

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