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Mutts, Nikki Talley

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Chicago trio Mutts’ nimble, funky rhythm section, with Bob Buckstaff on the low notes and Chris Paganini behind the kit, would be entertaining to watch on its own, but throw in growling, keyboard-wielding frontman Mike Maimone, and you’ve got a monster on your hands. Their fall 2012 album Separation Anxiety focused on Maimone working through the process of coming out, fueling a stormy blast of garage-revival blues with touches of prog and swampy metal. Scant months later, the group is touring behind a new album that represents a nearly 180-degree shift in style: Object Permanence sees them unplugging their amps and digging into their jazz and blues roots, with Buckstaff scaling back to an upright bass and Maimone focusing on grand piano and organ. Comparisons to Tom Waits are inevitable, but more than just approximating one of Waits’ styles or inhabiting one of his many characters, the band members use their own skills and world-weariness to develop an original take starting from Maimone’s perspective, from the bouncing “If It’s Hot It’ll Sell” to the pointed New Orleans R&B number “Pray Like a Vigilante” to the smoke-wafting closer “Uncivilized.”


Tue, May 21 | 9:00 PM
The 5 Spot
21 and over
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Chicago IL  |  Rock

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