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We listen to a lot of UZ, mostly when we’re supposed to be listening to other electronic artists and realize they’re not nearly as awesome as UZ. The Mad Decent/Jeffrees Records producer/DJ has been dominating our stereo for a minute now, but his latest mixtape Balltrap Music Vol. 1 has pretty much pushed all other EDM out of our mindspace. Maybe it’s because “Shit I Ain’t Got,” his collaboration with rapper PAZ, features a hilarious takedown of hip-hop consumer culture that really hits close to home (we don’t have a Lamborghini either!), or maybe it’s the fact that UZ’s tracks make us imagine what Raymond Scott would have sounded like with an MPC. Either way, UZ’s sense of melody and song structure, his ear for spine-chilling sound design, and his ability to find rappers who aren’t annoying as shit make him one of the most engaging EDM acts of the moment.


Fri, May 17 | 9:00 PM
SEEN Nashville
18 and over
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