Chris Corsano w/Leslie Keffer & The Cherry Blossoms

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When he’s not manning the skins and tins with Ben Chasny and Richard Bishop in the trio Rangda, which shares a name with a child-eating Balinese demon, Chris Corsano plays drums solo — which is a bit different from playing drum solos. Lifting and shifting objects on the drum heads to warp their pitch, playing breakneck runs with two sticks in one hand and a wood block in the other (or with three sticks at once), Corsano can unleash a dizzying barrage of sounds. He’ll also run strings across a drum and bow them into a mesmeric drone of overlapping and colliding harmonics. In short, he can make drums do things most other drummers can’t. Rounding out the bill: longtime local favorites Leslie Keffer and The Cherry Blossoms. 9 p.m. at DJ’s Pub and Grub, 3736 Annex Ave.

—Steve Haruch

Tue, Apr 23 | 9:00 PM
DJ's Pub and Grub
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Chris Corsano

 |  Jazz

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