Matt Pond w/Matrimony & Radar vs Wolf

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Typically it’s not wise for a songwriter to alter the name of his or her band 15 years into its career. But Matt Pond is doing all right; simply dropping the “PA” (for Pennsylvania, naturally) from “Matt Pond” wasn’t as confusing as, say, The Morning Benders becoming POP ETC or Pectoralz morphing into Coldplay. (And you thought we’d run out of jabs to levy against those earnest British sweethearts.) Pond, a prolific songwriter in the always-ripe-for-college-radio vein of Benjamin Gibbard, mixed things up just in time to release The Lives Inside the Lines of Your Hands, his eighth full-length and first for BMG. Though not a stark departure from his previous work, which was just as likely to appear on hit teen drama The O.C. as said college radio, the record beefs up Pond’s sound considerably, ramping up four-on-the-floor beats and heavier guitars in an effort to lure us out of the library and straight to the dance floor.

—Ryan Burleson

Sat, Jul 6 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The High Watt
18 and over
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Matt Pond

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