T.Rust w/Switchblade Kid, Shy Guy & Blank Range

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For the past decade, Taylor Rust has been experimenting with musique concrète, working with a guitar and a complex network of battered cassette recorders and delay pedals. Once known for limited-run releases of bubbling Frippertronic meditations, the longtime Murfreesboro musician began to craft band-oriented material shaped more like pop, but still bearing an experimental edge. With Kelley Anderson, formerly of Those Darlins, on the bass guitar and at the recording console, Rust’s new cassette EP represents the culmination of several years of tweaking in the woodshed, delivering polished pebbles from a different shore of dream pop where the guitars bite and jangle. To celebrate its release, Rust & Co. bring along Memphis’ equally dreamy Switchblade Kid, whose double-tracked murmurs emerge from a cloud of warm Jesus and Mary Chain fuzz, and Blank Range, who add a melancholy edge to the proceedings in the vein of Wowee Zowee-era Pavement. The enigmatic Shy Guy, whose sole public document is a Dilla-inspired collection of beats built from James Bond film score samples, will also perform. 


Fri, May 10 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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The Switchblade Kid

Memphis TN  | 

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