Christopher Owens

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Christopher Owens emerged in 2009 with an unbelievable backstory to go along with his heartbreaking album of tender ’60s garage-pop balladry. Born to members of the Children of God cult, Owens lost his infant brother to pneumonia because of the cult’s medical hang-ups, and lived a cloistered life in Europe until he was well into his teens. Owens’ background is reflected in the unaffected twee innocence of his music — both as a solo artist and with the band Girls — and occasionally slides past sweet/cute into cheesy/cloying. His solo debut, Lysandre, released in January, is a coming-of-age story about Girls’ first tour and a French girl he met. Owens’ artlessness was a big part of the charm in Girls, but the same pretense doesn’t synergize as completely with the sunny ’60s pop he favors as a solo artist. 


Thu, Jun 20 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The High Watt
18 and over
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Christopher Owens

San Francisco CA  |  Alternative

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