Levi The Poet, This Season's Color, For September, Lines In The Sky, Vela Ceras, Everley, & Red Morning Voyage


Fri, May 31 | 6:30 PM (6:00 Door)
$8.00 - $10.00
All ages
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Levi the Poet

Albuquerque NM  |  Spoken Word

  • indievisionmusic

Levi The Poet - Monologues EP (from indievisionmusic)

I was given an interesting task that I knew I could not pass up. To score a man not based on key, pitch, or musical ability. To score him based on cadence, rhythm and words. A difficult task for a musician to take on but I knew this was something I had to do. When I was sent an email to do a review on the new Levi The Poet EP "Monologues", the first thing I thought was how can I judge a mans portrait of words. This is my attempt. From the first second of the first track, "Trees", Levi has you c......