Daughn Gibson w/Hiss Golden Messenger & William Tyler

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If you really want to give yourself mental whiplash, do what I did: Cue up Daughn Gibson’s latest album, Me Moan, immediately after you’ve been listening to iconic ’60s countrypolitan ballads. The story goes that Gibson, once a small-town Pennsylvania punk, took a shine to country music, especially its emotional appeal, while he was working as a trucker in his early 20s, and that his stage name is an homage to jazzy country-pop crooner/picker/writer Don Gibson and Texas blues-rocker Stevie Ray Vaughan. But the younger Gibson doesn’t show anything nearly as straightforward as reverence or irreverence for countrified reference points, old or new. There’s exaggerated sincerity and gravity to his baritone singing, and his tracks are a surreal pastiche of electronic dance-rock beats and chopped, twangy loops, so the feelings expressed in his lyrics are refracted through a hall of funhouse mirrors. Take “Kissin’ on the Blacktop,” for instance. It’s driven by a rockin’ country guitar figure and a glitchy, galloping loop splattered with strange steel licks. The hook — which brings to mind the teasingly timed “Mmm, motorboatin’ ” line from Little Big Town’s blockbuster single “Pontoon” — winds up sounding catchy, skewed and decidedly un-flirty. Could very well be that Gibson’s listened to his share of Nick Cave, Jim White and Bauhaus along the way, but he’s got his own thoroughly engrossing way of being weird. 


Sun, Aug 11 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
$10 ADV / $10 DOS
18 and over
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Daughn Gibson

Carlisle PA  |  Country

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