Mercy Lounge and Cause A Scene Present

Shakey Graves w/Wild Child & Marmalakes

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Back in the days of such impure folk purists as Gordon Lightfoot and Ralph McTell, pop music and folk mingled freely — singing the blues with an acoustic guitar went together with string arrangements and big hooks. These days, young pop-folk acts blend hummability with experimental urges, with often interesting results. Tonight’s show features three Austin bands whose oddball harmonies and pop chord progressions are backed by various stringed instruments. Wild Child is a sextet specializing in strange post-Gilbert O’Sullivan songs often laced with semi-atonal banjo licks. Meanwhile, Marmalakes makes sunny folk-pop with dark undertones — last year’s In Arnica EP sported such blithe but opaque tunes as “Septimus Warren Smith” and “White Height.” Rounding out tonight’s show is Shakey Graves, a stone-cold acoustic pop-folk-blues performer whose 2011 Roll the Bones full-length will give you the urge to ramble


Tue, Jun 18 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The High Watt
18 and over
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Shakey Graves

Austin TX  |  Blues

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