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Sonia Leigh w/Mama's Blue Dress and Little Feather

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Sonia Leigh is hard to pin down, but that works to her advantage. On 1978 December, Leigh’s debut for pal Zac Brown’s Southern Ground imprint, the 34-year-old cleverly writes for a diverse cast of characters and trades in a rich array of sounds. She’s equally convincing as a hard-drinking, Southern-rocking, hell-if-I-care barfly as she is a wistful, crooning daddy’s girl. But refreshingly, this isn’t Music Row manipulation at work — 1978 December is Leigh’s own, through and through. Listen closely to the closing track and you’ll see what I mean; Leigh, who at 17 left home angry and intent on pursuing The Dream, escapes the rough-and-tumble city to make amends with her parents back in Indiana. It’s tender, but it wouldn’t mean nearly as much if Leigh hadn’t let us bear witness to her highs and lows away from home in the nine songs prior.


Thu, Jun 6 | 8:00 PM (7:00 Door)
12th & Porter
18 and over
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Mama's Blue Dress

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