The James Hunter Six

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Retro-soul acts come in every imaginable variety, from the young and modern all-purpose pop star to the self-consciously hip revivalist to the rescued-from-obscurity second-chancer. James Hunter’s latest, Minute by Minute, may have been produced by the founder of Daptone Records — a label that’s given the world plenty of the latter two types — but he’s been working a bit of a different angle all along. Billed as a James Hunter Six album, a nod to his longtime band, it doesn’t gesture toward the common reference points of hard-edged shouting or Motown pep. Hunter — who, coincidentally, put in time as a busker and a member of Van Morrison’s band — is a swinging, stylish, gentlemanly soul singer and songwriter in the tradition of Sam Cooke. Most importantly, he’s a seasoned and pleasing entertainer. 


Sat, Jun 22 | 8:00 PM (6:00 Door)
3rd & Lindsley
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The James Hunter Six

Colchester Essex England  |  Pop

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