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Just before his latest visit to the Mother Church, Ted Nugent did his duty as an American citizen to once again raise the hackles of them libruls, this time by weighing in with the sort of nuanced assessment of the George Zimmerman case that we’ve come to expect from His Nuge-ness. (In case you missed it, he called Trayvon Martin a “17-year-old dope-smoking, racist gangsta wannabe” in an op-ed for some website called Rare.) While we’d like to recommend this show because “Stranglehold” is the ultimate jukebox slayer, judging by Nugent’s past couple decades of output, it seems like he puts as much thought into his music these days as he does his op-eds. Probably best to show up late for the songs worth hearing. 

—Matt Sullivan

Sun, Jul 28 | 7:30 PM
Ryman Auditorium
$39.50 - $59.50
[Venue Details]

Ted Nugent

Detroit MI  |  Rock

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