Last Year's Men w/Cheap Time

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Musicians might not deserve extra credit for being child prodigies — after all, talent is talent, whether you suffer from detention and braces or credit card debt and back pain. But a band that can perform rock ’n’ roll with the unjaded enthusiasm of youth is always something to treasure. That’s the case with Last Year’s Men, a Chapel Hill four-piece who recorded their first LP while some of them were still in high school. Their music is garage rock in the vein of Jacuzzi Boys, Black Lips, Strange Boys and Reigning Sound (for whom they frequently open). Their songwriting bristles with ’60s pop hooks and savage guitar licks; the songs on Sunny Down Snuff range from aggressive garage-punk to slide-guitar-tinged slow dances. According to a Scene Spin column from December 2011, their last Nashville show ended with “a display that can only be described as ‘utterly apeshit’ — they ripped apart the drum kit, hurling cymbals across the stage and into the audience before tearing through the crowd [and] rolling around a bit on the floor.” Don’t miss it.


Tue, May 21 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Last Year's Men

Chapel Hill NC  |  Alternative, Rock

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