Floating Action w/James Wallace And the Naked Light & Daniel Frazier

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Named for a piece of space-age drum hardware, Floating Action is the brainchild of Seth Kauffman, a native of arts-centric Black Mountain, N.C. The group does plenty to call up Pet Sounds through their studied pop eclecticism and Kauffman’s voice, which is reminiscent of several Beach Boys at once. Swimming through varying degrees of skillfully manipulated fidelity are touches of funk and soul that broaden the palette and add a little grit and shuffle missing from many incarnations of retro pop. It’s a combo that has impressed club audiences as well as beard-rockin’ genre-bender Jim James, whose Removador Records released FA’s latest full-length, Fake Blood, last fall. Joining them tonight are local purveyors of pop gumbo James Wallace and The Naked Light, who recently celebrated the long-awaited official release of their 2010 record More Strange News From Another Star. Like FA, JWATNL have a knack for upcycling styles of yesteryear with combinations that the originators might not have foreseen, blending Paul Simon’s West African interpretations with garage soul, Chinese folk and other unexpected goodies. 


Fri, Jun 7 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Floating Action

Black Mountain NC  |  Alternative

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