Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

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If you listen with only one ear, you could mistake Thao Nguyen’s music for Kickstarter-video-background fodder — banjo, xylophone, ooh-oohs and other markers of accessible quirk abound. But Nguyen’s not your average indie-pop singer — you may recognize her as one of the rockstar mentors, along with Andrew WK, on NPR’s Studio 360 — nor is she your average prison reform advocate. The title track to We the Common, Nguyen’s new album with her band The Get Down Stay Down, is dedicated to Valerie Bolden, who is serving a life sentence at Valley State Prison for Women in California, a place Nguyen visits several times a year. And while others have penned similar lines, there’s an added poignancy in this context: “I love my girl,” Nguyen sings from Bolden’s perspective. “Will you remind her?” We the Common is at once buoyant and introspective, crackling with intensity and wit — anything but common. The same could be said for its creator.

—Steve Haruch

Fri, Aug 23 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Thao and The Get Down Stay Down

San Francisco CA  |  Alternative

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