Fake Surfers w/Dirty Dreams & Crime Wave

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With my sense of balance, any dreams I have of surfing will be limited by those vacation photos I can ’Shop myself into. The same may or may not be true of Detroit’s Fake Surfers, but they don’t let any doubts diminish the impact of their raw-as-hell garage punk. With a guitar that sounds like the offspring of a meat grinder and a sandblaster, vocals that spit at you like remnants of a bad chest cold, and drums that strike with the swift precision of a Navy Seal operation, Fake Surfers channel their energy through post-Nixon stylings into a debut EP that plays closer to hardcore than that other garage duo that came out of Detroit a few years back. Joining them tonight will be Dirty Dreams, who sport a triple-guitar attack and a delightfully twisted blend of post-punk and AM-radio pop. Crime Wave, who recently changed their name from the cryptic (but slightly more fun to say) moniker JARG, are an amalgam of high-school-age garage tricksters Fox Fun and power-poppers OGG, and will warm up the stage.


Mon, May 27 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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Fake Surfers

Detroit MI  |  Punk/Hardcore

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