Michal Menert

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While we anticipate another With Your Friends Fest or Bassnectar New Year’s Eve blowout, the wait for high-caliber stadium shows is graciously softened by a surplus of up-and-coming protégés. The increasing midrange DJ scene is hosted by only a few local venues, but this week spotlights our newest electronic-friendly hub. While several aspects of Anthem are still a hotbed for debate, the venue is proving its mettle by hosting Michal Menert, a childhood friend of Derek Vincent Smith (better known as Pretty Lights) and the first artist signed to Smith’s label, Pretty Lights Music. With a Nick-Zammuto-meets-Ravi-Shankar sampling style, Menert infuses Eastern instrumentation with an impressive catalog of unsung modern classics such as L.T.D.’s “Love Ballad” and Bo Hansson’s “Attic Thoughts.” Menert’s distinct lack of bubblegum flavor is combined with standout samples, earning nods from back-row critics while still providing the Ecstasy-riddled glow-stick culture with a danceable soundtrack. 


Thu, May 9 | 9:00 PM
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Michal Menert

Fort Collins CO  |  Electronic

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