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Any Tom, Dick or Harry can be a Leisure Suit Larry as the gals at Music City Burlesque strap you on, er, in the ol’ hot tub time machine for a trip to the Swinging ’70s! Like a page torn out of your parents’ Joy of Sex, only without the Gene Shalit hair, these buxotic beauties bring back the sweet sin-sation of the Me Generation as surely as plywood paneling — and believe us, fellas, you’ll be plying wood after a goose and a gander at these meandering moonpies! WATCH as Alethea Austin powers the international man-meat of mystery, polishing the pole with her very own Sham-WOW! LET GiGi LaFemme put a stem in your hem with her triple-D diadem! Nipplicious! And if you wanna see a Burlesque Hall of Fame inductee, Ruby Joule will roule your toule with her kit and caboule! You’ll need a cup to catch the droule! Blow the mothballs off your polyester pleats and compete in the ’70s costume contest, while King Dado Deluxe ems the cees and DJ Howard lays down that mighty disco throb! Tickets are $20 at the door.

—Jim Ridley

Sat, Jul 20 | 9:00 PM
Marathon Music Works
All ages
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Music City Burlesque

Nashville TN  | 

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